Best Hosting is very essential for your blog. This will only Decide your Website’s speed,Down time etc. And many more things.

A lot of New Bloggers Make a huge mistake that they choose a very poor Hosting and after that they gets irritated.

So,Here is our Top 5 Best web Hosting that you can choose for your site that boost your Site a lot and all these are Tried and Tested.

Here’s are our Honourable Mentions:-

1. Siteground

It is very Popular Among the Hosting Provider.It is considered as king in the field of Hosting Services.

Many of the Big website’s uses siteground for Their Blog/website.Here’s the Pros And Cons of this Hosting Provider:-


  1. This shared Hosting comes from Google cloud, you won’t find any other hosting on it.
  2. Excellent uptime
  3. Servers are in Singapore(that’s very near to the India)
  4. Speed is Very Well.(1sec/Blank Website)
  5. Mind Blowing Customer Support(They are very Helpful, Knowledgeable,fast & Technical.


  1. Pricing
  2. They don’t Accept Indian Payment methods (Only International Cards are accepted)

2. Hostinger

Hostinger is one of the Most Affordable hosting for Begineer’s Becuase it’s offer you a lot of features And services in Unbelievable Prices .

if you are a begineer or you are in advance level becuase they offer very cheap & best hosting for you. If you have a very low budget to invest. Then, we highly recommend you to go ahead with this hosting.It’s one of the best Web hosting.

Now, Enough bragging for this hosting provider. Now,let’s let you know pros and cons as well.


1. Really Adorable
2. Use to use interface
3. Excellent speed 1.2sec/Blank website
4. Servers are in Asia & singapore.
5. All Indian payment Methods Available.(UPI Also Available)


1. Customer Support is just stable but not excellent.

2. They also removed the live-chat
option due to COVID – 19. May Be, it will be re-open when the Pandemic problem solve.

3. Bluehost

Bluehost is the hosting that you must heard because it’s the most famous hosting Provider in the world.
Many of the big websites/blogs e-commerce site is using bluehost as their Hosting provider.
This will also become your favourite choice.It’s also the best Web hosting in India.

Now, let’s tell you the pros and Cono So, you can decide you have to purchase it or not right away.

1. Easy And Simple Interface (Beginner friendly)

2. Fast (24X7) customer support

3. Good uptime(Easily handle a lot of traffic at a same time)

Server are not in Asia.


A2 Hosting is also very popular in the field of Hosting Services. Its also very awesome if you need an affordable and best hosting then A2 Hosting seems Excellent.

Now,Let’s tell you some Pros And Cons of this:

Data Center are Available in Singapore
Very Awesome Speed if You take shared or turbo boost Plan.
Return Policy:- Pro Rata Basis
You can Claim your Refund on a pro rata Basis.

Here’s the Explanation:-

Suppose,It you have Purchased a 4 Year Hosting Plan and you have used it for 1 year only that you can claim a refund for the remaining 3 years.


5. BigRock

It’s Famous for his Domain Providing Services But,it’s hosting can’t be ignored becuase it have very Best Hosting service.

Price is not affordable by Begineer’s but not costly too.

Here’s the pros and cons of this Hosting:

Big Rock
Hindi Support
Uptime (99.9%)

Support is not 24*7
You have to pay for automated Backups
Support is very Slow in both of the Cases. (live Chat to Call)

6. FAQ’S

Which the Best And Fastest Hosting For Experts?

Cloudways,Becuase it’s give you cloud Hosting that is fastest Hosting Service till now.
So,if you have no Budget issue and you are looking for the best and Fastest Hosting then,Surely Cloudways is the mind blowing Option.
Which is the Most Affordable Hosting For Begineer’s?

Hostinger, Becuase Their plans Starts from 59rs./month And it’s too affordable and simple to use.
Overall, Begineer’s Friendly.Which Hosting have Excellent Customer Support?

Siteground.They have very experienced and Technical support Team that can solve your problem quickly.Which is the Best Hosting for Blogs?

There are Several Great option from you can Choose:-
1.) Siteground
2.) Cloudways
3.) Chemicloud
Etc.Which is the best Hosting for E-commerce?

For E-commerce store you can Choose one from these two options:-
1.) Cloudways
2.) ChemiCloud



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