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5 amazing keyword research tools to succeed overnight

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Now,The main Question is “How to Find Proper Keyword” to grow your Search Traffic.And the answer is “Keyword Research Tools”.

Yes,Keyword Research Tools is one of the major Factor to grow your Search Traffic because This will give you the LSI keywords or Proper Keywords Suggestion that you will Place in your Blogs.

So,Now which Keyword Research Tool You should Use?So,Here’s is a detailed and Step by step Guide that will make you clear about “which keyword Research tool is the Best”?

I will tell you 5 Best Keyword Research Tools that will Grow your Organic Search Traffic and also helps in SEO.

  • Ahrefs
  • SEMrush
  • KWfinder
  • Moz
  • My Recommendations

Here is the complete Explanation of each Tool and Why it’s Considered?


Ahrefs is one of the most Famous Keyword Research Tool that Pro Bloggers use.It’s also Provide you almost Accurate Result.

It has a beautiful interface where you can Spy your Competitors ,Extract Keywords,Extract Backlinks and much more.(You can see in the image given Below).

You Can Easily Spy on your Competitors with the help of this Tool.You can Checkout This tool from Here.

Now,Moving on the Next tool which is:-

2.) SEMrush

Now, SEMrush is also one of the Keyword Research Tool King👑 becuase it is used by Many Big Bloggers like Kulwant Nagi (Founder of BloggingCage), Anil Aggarwal (Bloggerpassion) And Sahil Khanna(Lapaas) etc.

This tool will give you detailed Information about any keyword you are searching.In this Tool,You can do keyword research, Content Writing,Spying on your competitors,Analysing Backlinks of your competitors as well as You can find the Perfect Keyword or LSI keywords for your Article to rank it Higher.

You will get Access to lot of tools After you purchase it’s Subscription. Tools are Shown Below👇

Big Websites Like, , and Vodafone also uses SEMrush for their Higher Rankings.

This tool will Blow your Mind. Here’s An Screenshot of it’s competitor analysis Tool:-


Now,How much this Mind blowing Tool Cost? It’s Really Too Affordable.

  • Monthly Price (Starts with Just $99)
  • Annual Plan

So,Then Why are You Waiting For?Grab the Best Deal From Here.

3.) KWfinder

Another Best Tool that I personally use and Recommend you to also use.

This is my Favorite one Because it will help you in your rankings a lot and It will suggest you the long tail keyword in which you can rank very easily in google.

I personally Use and love This tool a lot.The Interface if this Tool is really Very good.😊

This will give you the 99% Accurate Data of your keywords and Alos give you the LSI keywords that will help you alot to rank on the higher pages of google.

If you want to purchase this tool then Click here.


Keyword Research Tools

“” It’s another a very Useful tool to find your Keywords and make it as capable to rank it Higher in the Google’s first Page.😊

It will also give you the Accurate data of the Keyword but I personally Recommend “KWfinder” instead of this.

It Doesn’t mean I hate this tool.I mean this tool is also very Awesome but I mostly prefer and uses the “KWfinder” tool.

5.) Moz

“Moz” It’s a very Known name becuase it is said to be the king👑 Becuase it will the most accurate data among all the Keyword Research Tool but It have some Cons also:-


•Keyword Difficult (KD) is not Accurate.

That’s it.

My Recommendations:-

Now, Honestly I will tell you the tools That I personally Use and Also prefer you to use.

I have Catogrized the tools I use in Two catogries:-

  • Spying On Competitors
  • Finding the Best Keywords

So, Let’s Reveal the Tools:-

For Spying On my Competitors:- SEMrush

And,For finding The best Keywords:- KWfinder

Get the SEMrush from Here.

Get the KWfinder From Here.


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