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Today, I spent a whole morning testing the “enable full graphics” function in the game Black Desert Mobile and wrote a review about this feature.

Although I only played this game for a short time, I love the game, I spent about 20 million VND to buy an iPad Pro 2018 to be able to experience the best game. And I really like this 2018 iPad Pro. The configuration of the iPad Pro 2018 is as follows.

1. Turning on max settings

This function only works for some newer, highly configurable devices. In this article I used the iPad Pro as an example, I tried HTC U11 and some other devices of iPhone or Xiaomi to turn on full settings but the results were not as my satisfactory.

The game will test the load-bearing capacity of the player and give a reasonable configuration, I have not had time to test the play on the computer simulator, so my article below only applies to iPad Pro.

First, go to the game’s Settings, select Graphics and turn on Max Settings. Conjoined! 😀

Vào settings và chọn Custom: Max Settings như trên.
Go to settings and select Custom Max Settings as above

Oki! After having enabled full settings, I started playing some of the in-game tasks and games. It is worth the money, the game has had different experiences for me, typically some of the cases below I have tried, take a look with me.

2. Experience

Farm monsters:

I do not play a lot of train monsters here, but basically the techniques of my Ranger Miumiu 18 come out with full effect and endless. The game is smooth, no lag feeling.

Arena 1vs1:

My Arena 1vs1 took place pretty fast, my opponent was too fast and strong this time, so I could barely see the other girl’s move and I was evaporating. However, with the retina screen full settings, the loser is also happy.

Arena 3vs3:

Oh, I have to say that I prefer pairing-fights, so that I can show my team work. Haha! The graphics of the game have to say very smoothly, playing hit 3vs3 very like.

Fighting Boss World: Nouver – Tyrant of the Desert

I tried to fight the world boss, he died very quickly and smoothly. Several cannons on the ground shot off the eggs of the N Vancouver Dragon, but it seemed to have a “good” thing as usual.

Fighting Boss Ruins:

I can’t find any teams to hit so I should skip this part 😀

Fighting Boss Rush:

This game is extremely autistic, I usually turn in “auto repeat” or “raise difficulty” to free time but “forget the date” and focus on my coding.


I consider Camp as a miniature social networking function in the game, you can exchange, make friends, trade everything with your friends in the game.

3. Conclusion

There are many unique features in the game, invite you to watch the video above to experience and explore the Black Desert Mobile game Global version with full settings. For details on how to install the game on Android and iOS, you can find it here.

I wish you a happy day, Sincerely!

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